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D-MAS enables health surveillance and medical support to remote locations, saturation diving systems and hyperbaric chambers.

Telemedicine Products

Learn more about D-MAS: market-leading telemedicine products.

D-MAS HyperSat

The industry-leading health surveillance and remote healthcare solution that offers unprecedented medical monitoring specifically for saturating diving and hyperbaric treatment chambers.

D-MAS Remote

D-MAS Remote enables vital health surveillance and medical support to remote, difficult to access or dangerous locations.

Why D-MAS?

(+) Better employee Health and Safety

D-MAS supports your Duty of Care strategy resulting in a healthier, safer and more productive workforce.

(+) Improves Efficiency

Helps avoid unnecessary Medevacs and associated high costs and lost time.

(+) Aids compliance

Helps achieve compliance with industry guidance and recommendations.

(+) More reliable Patient Outcomes

Informed and accurate decision making improves patient outcomes.