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D-MAS enables health surveillance and medical support to remote locations, saturation diving systems and hyperbaric chambers.

Telemedicine Products

Learn more about D-MAS: market-leading telemedicine products.

D-MAS HyperSat

The industry-leading health surveillance and remote healthcare solution that offers unprecedented medical monitoring specifically for saturating diving and hyperbaric treatment chambers.

D-MAS Remote

D-MAS Remote enables vital health surveillance and medical support to remote, difficult to access or dangerous locations.

Why D-MAS?

(+) Better employee Health and Safety

D-MAS supports your Duty of Care strategy resulting in a healthier, safer and more productive workforce.

(+) Improves Efficiency

Helps avoid unnecessary Medevacs and associated high costs and lost time.

(+) Aids compliance

Helps achieve compliance with industry guidance and recommendations.

(+) More reliable Patient Outcomes

Informed and accurate decision making improves patient outcomes.


“We are delighted to be adopting this exciting technological development which enhances the current provisions we have in place in terms of diver safety.”
“The safety of our teams and operational conditions is one of our key values as an organisation. Equipping our vessels with the D-MAS HyperSat medical monitoring system underlines this long-term commitment.”
“..first time in Canada that this has been done and this is an important technology that I have been wishing to see for years.”