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First use of D-MAS in Canada

In a challenging environment with COVID-19 it is nice to have some good news.

A small but significant historic event for Canada and for Newfoundland and Labrador...

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D-MAS Remote
Remote medical surveillance

DanMedical enable health surveillance and medical support to workers and patients in remote, difficult, or dangerous locations.

Our D-MAS Remote telemedicine solution allows the First Aider/Medic with the patient at the remote location to obtain, record and transmit vital patient medical information in real-time.

This permits unprecedented medical support and better patient outcomes in remote locations.

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D-MAS HyperSat
Saturation Diving and Hyperbarics

DanMedical offers the industry-leading health surveillance and remote healthcare solution specifically for Saturation Diving and Hyperbaric treatment chambers: D-MAS HyperSat.

The onerous working conditions for professional Deep Sea Divers create very specific risks. D-MAS HyperSat allows the Medic to obtain, record and transmit accurate medical data from within the chamber, as required under the recommendations of DMAC 28 and OGP 411.
This enables more informed and accurate decision making.

D-MAS HyperSat supports compliance with DMAC 28 and OGP 411.

Download the DMAC 28 report.
Download the OGP 411 report.

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