What We Do

What We Do

What we do

DanMedical provide technology which enables health surveillance and medical support to workers and patients in remote, difficult or dangerous locations.

Our D-MAS telemedicine solutions allow the first aider/medic with the patient at the remote location to monitor, record and transmit vital patient medical information in real-time.

This permits unprecedented medical support and better patient outcomes in remote locations.

Our Mission

Alongside our purpose of connecting healthcare and providing the best possible remote telemedicine solutions to patients, DanMedical’s mission is to provide cost-effective, time-saving and excellent client experiences to every company we deal with. By doing so, the company will deliver value to all of our clients and stakeholders.

DanMedical has a philosophy of building innovative remote telemedicine solutions.

As a result, D-MAS products are  adaptable, with additional add-ons developed in order to meet the latest needs of the healthcare industry. With Research and Development (R&D) investments and efforts, systems are developed to meet the needs of healthcare in industrial settings that operate remotely.