D-MAS Remote: Remote Medical Monitoring

D-MAS Remote: Remote Medical Monitoring

D-MAS Remote:
...Remote Medical Monitoring

DanMedical enable better medical support to workers and patients in remote, difficult, or dangerous locations.

Our D-MAS Remote telemedicine solution enables the First Aider/Medic with the patient at the remote location to obtain and record vital patient information.

Working from their base location, a Medical Doctor or Specialist Consultant can examine the patient and their medical information in real-time, in acute situations and for regular health surveillance. This enables unprecedented medical support as critical decisions are taken with full medical back-up (and not by the First Aider/Medic alone).

Crucially, better medical decisions provide benefits such as:

  • Better patient outcomes
  • Improved employee safety and welfare
  • Save money through limiting the need for non-essential hospital trips or evacuations, or costly vessel re-routing

Now being adopted as the go-to device by many Medics, D-MAS enables the user to:

  • Log consultations to a database
  • Record patient details
  • Perform diagnostic tests
  • Produce digital diagnostic reports with clinical interpretation, monitor vital signs
  • Capture a variety of live images
  • All of the above on one self-contained device.


The system can be customized by adding the client’s own suite of software tools including Desktop Sharing, Video Conferencing or Email.

Standard medical devices included:

  • Blood pressure: Cuffs in three sizes (S,M,L). 
  • Pulse CO-Oximetry with Masimo SET finger clip sensor for SPO2 (Saturated Oxygen)
  • Resting ECG (12 lead with University of Glasgow Interpretation software)
  • ECG Monitoring & recording 
  • Core Temperature Measurement
  • D-MAS Webcam for still images
  • D-MAS software license for 12 months

Optional add-on medical functions

  • End Tidal CO2 measurement (ETCO2 / Capnography)
  • Spirometry
  • Audiometry
  • Digital Video LaryngoScope
  • Digital Video DermoScope (CapillaryScope)
  • Digital Video DentalScope
  • Digital Video IrisScope
  • Digital Video OtoScope

Please view the PDF below for more information and latest specification of the D-MAS Remote, including available add-on functions: